Umberto D.

I have never been a fan of foreign films but this class has helped me broaden the way i view films. I would normally shy away from watching a foreign language film because i find the subtitles to be extremely annoying and they take away from the film experience but in this Italian film i really felt for Umberto and i couldn’t imagine what it was like to walk a day in his shoes having no family or friends to rely on the closest person to him was the maid, but he found true companionship in his pet dog Flike. I am a firm believer that a dog could be man’s best friend and that their bond was truely unbreakable because Flike knows that it was wrong for Umberto to stand by the train and scare him like that but he loved him just like Umberto loved the dog and he forgave himm because they were all eachother had.

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